Ford Mustang Fastback "Rally Car La Carrera Panamericana"

This fantastic, incredible reliable and very desirable example here is a Ford Mustang fastback from 1965 which has been built as a rally car. All works have been carried out by Mats Hammarlund in San Miguel, Mexico. This is a complete reconstruction carried out in 2012 by team Mats Hammarlund. Participant in 2012 & 2013 in the well-known and merciless “La Carrera Panamericana”                                                                                                                                                                                    Results with this Mustang: 2013: overall place 9 and 2nd in its class, 4 day of victories, 1x second place, 1 x third  &                    2012: overall place 9 and 2nd in its class, 5 days of victories, 2 x second place

Car came from California and is since a couple of years part of a great classic car collection in Germany. Engine and gearbox were made entirely from new parts.  Engine delivers 380 hp and guarantees tremendous driving pleasure!

The car is not road registered but ready for track, circuit and any other adventure event.

If you are a REAL Ford Mustang fastback fan/enthusiast who is looking for a competitive car with character and great driving experience to participate again in the “Panamericana”-experience, then you are having here a wonderful car to enjoy the upcoming season with. She is a beauty and wonderful to drive.

Further details, photos and information certainly on request.


On Request!