Lancia Flaminia GTL 3C 2.8 litre

Lancia Flaminia GTL 3C 2.8 ltr. by Touring “Superleggera” from 1964,Coachwork by Touring Chassis No. 8261 40 1105


The Lancia Flaminia, introduced in 1957, was the successor to the Aurelia. The Flaminia adopted the revolutionary V6 and rear transaxle designed by DeVirgilio, but replaced the predecessor's front suspension with its vertical guide tubes with a modern one with double wishbones of unequal length. The sleek GT Aluminum was a two-seater with a carpeted-only shelf behind the front seats. The GTL 3 C offered here is a 2+2 variant on an extended platform. The GT's              2.52 m wheelbase was lengthened by 8 cm, but the body was only extended by 3 cm. More dramatic was the 7 cm increase in height, which gives the GTL significantly larger glass surfaces and a larger interior space. The Superleggera Coupé from 1964 offered here for sale is one of only 300 built and is presented in a very original “matching-number” condition. The vehicle is technically in very good condition. The current owner has invested around €30,000 in the technology over the last 12 months. Among other things, the entire brake system was repaired and the brake booster was overhauled, all fluids were replaced, new brake blocks were installed, the car has new tires (Michelin 165-400 S TT), new ventilation fan, the entire radiator system was overhauled, the ignition was replaced, and all of the electrics were repaired , or renewed, instruments overhauled, everything in full function order, most of the seals are new (front and rear window, door seals), doors adjusted and mechanics completely inspected. The front seats have been reupholstered. All invoices are available as proof. The car is visually in good condition with the usual signs of wear and a charming patina and small signs of usage. The paintwork is very consistent and can be described as good apart from a few minor defects?  The aluminum skin is flat and the fits/gaps are very good. The color combination is very appealing, the color “grigio” and the black interior correspond to the delivery condition. An all-round beautiful “driver” car and a real pleasure to drive. The Flaminia still impresses today with its outstanding driving characteristics. Despite being 60 years old, the car drives fantastically and can cover long distances effortlessly. Get into this beautiful dream coupe from the 1960s and enjoy the coming classic car season for fabulous trips. German TÜV (technical control) and service were recently carried out. The car is registered in Germany and registered on Oldtimer H license plates. For further questions, details and information, please feel free to contact us at any time.


€ 79.500,-