UK-Ireland Morgan 3Wheeler: 3500 km, what else?


Trip in my Morgan 3Wheeler: Bruges-Malvern-Ireland-Beaulieu-Goodwood-Bruges: 3500 km, what else?

Even by telling that we were planning a 3-week-trip to the UK and to Ireland with three Morgans  and myself in my Morgan 3Wheeler caused already some confusion in people’s mind and faces.  From sentences as, “crazy, brave, much rain, you get wet” etc., I’ve heard just about anything. Our fantastic  journey started in Bruges, Belgium on Friday  August 25, 2017 when we were driving up to Malvern, Uk to join “Thrill of the Hills”, a magnificent week-end event with gala dinner, concert and fireworks.  A  ‘get together’  for Morgans friends and enthusiasts organized by the Morgan Motor company and Morgan Club UK (MSCC).  That was a blast, we were really looking forward to it! Monday morning it was time to leave Malvern, heading through Wales, direction ferry in Pembroke crossing over to Ireland. Honestly I was so nervous that day: thinking about the weather, distances, possible car breakdowns…etc. But It was an incredible trip with lovely and warm weather throughout. Who would imagine that on a 9 days round trip in Ireland, full of sunshine!? Ireland is really worth to visit. Once you experienced Ireland, you will understand. It is the spectacular mountain scene, the many ruins and beautiful castles, surrounded by picturesque scenery with its many different colors and sheep…!! which assure a guaranteed driving pleasure par excellence! The dream destination of every classic car driver and enthusiast.During our 9 day trip in Ireland we traveled to destinations such as Rosslare, Kilmore Quay (Wexford), Ballycotton (Cork), Sneem (Kerry), did the Ring of Kerry, Abbeyfeale, Leenane, Galway, Westport , WAW (Wild Atlantic way route)  etc. and crossed Ireland then back to Kilmore.Our trip had been previously prepared and perfectly planned. Also with the kind support of Mr. David Dreeling, (Kilkenney Motorclub), many thanks, David. How was the weather?Only one and half day of heavy rain. My last minute achievement - a rainproof all-weather trouser with jacket - was during this trip ultimately priceless. My funniest memory in the rain was when I was standing in front of a red light while it was raining cats and dogs and an elder man crossed the street, stood in front of my Threewheeler, folding his hands to pray and he said “brave girl, God will stay on your side”.   I had to laugh out so much and forgot the rain. It was really funny.  We travelled back direction UK and our last destination of our travel was, of course, the wonderful Goodwood Revival, where we are going already 15 years in a row to!  Goodwood is the highlight in our yearly agenda. But this year it was probably one of the worst “bad weather weekends what we can remember” but once if you are there, you forget the wet and cold and you simply enjoy the indescribable atmosphere down there with period cars and people dressed in style. Overall, we drove in our almost three weeks ‘Uk-Ireland-Uk tour’, more than 3500 km. My motivation on three wheels had always been supported with kisses, hugs and a bottle of sparkling from my friends. We learned not only to know fascinating landscapes, but also good food, great places and met like-minded, nice people. Without any problems we drove back and take our best memories of our trip in Ireland in the heart and in thoughts. The Morgan Threewheeler is with all respects a fantastic experience: its steering and its special sound that comes through the side exhaust pipes, no windows, no ABS, lots of wind and always in expectation to get a big load of water from passing trucks. Nevertheless this little wonder of technology has brought me about all roads in England and Ireland , France, back to Belgium, through rain and immense puddles, through narrow streets and over bumpy roads. If you treat the 3 Wheeler right, you come with it to any destination. So I change the slogan now into:  “Toys for the GIRLS” and not only for the boys! A special thanks for the maintenance and service and preparing of my Threewheeler for this trip  goes to Morgan Garage Albert and Team in Brussels.  I wish all Morgan and classic car fans much driving pleasure. Happy Motoring, Sandra Hermsen Kowalski



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