Jaguar C-type

This very beautiful example is Jaguar C-type recreation, which optically corresponds to the original from 1953. The construction was done partly with original parts of the Dona-Cars XK120 from the year 1951 as well as C-type parts (cylinder head, torsion bar, etc.) This amazing Jaguar participated several times in the Tazzio Nuvolari and has the FIA Historic Pass as well as the FIVA pass. The Jaguar Heritage certificate is also available. Sports car with the chassis number 671144 from 4.04.1981

This was the object of the order for the manufacture of the body by the Robert Cooper Company. The vehicle was built in England and corresponds to the technical Le-Mans specifications.

A wonderful RHD open two seater, finished in dark green exterior. No costs and effort spared. This 6-cylinder is equipped with a XK  120 engine 3.442 cc, 157 kw.and 4 speed-manual gearbox of MOSS. For any c-type lover and specialist: car is equipped with disc brakes, 16” wheels, 3 carburetor Weber, original C-type engine sump, original C-type exhaust manifolds, all instruments, speedo, switches on cockpit are all very close to the iconic original cars, steering wheel is out of cast aluminum, front and rear axles correspond to originals, cylinder head original to c-type and so much more.               

Its aluminum body has the exact dimensions as a real c-type, not smaller, no wider.                                                                   The car lives from all its details and is a very special example with much attention to details. Performance and exhaust ensures the car sounds the way it looks! A really fantastic car to drive with or to join any rally or other classic car event with. All rally instruments and tripmasters fitted.The car is not comparable to any other recreation c-type offered on the market and really shows the difference! You can’t describe it, you must drive and feel it.

This is a really MUST BE SEEN car. Registered in Germany with H-number plate. A very well serviced and maintained car. A totally accurate recreation of the 1953 Jaguar c-type.

Further details, information and price certainly on request!